Ideas from Artists

In the last week, two artists send us two ideas.

From Noah Verrier, an artist teaching at FSU.  The idea is based on his project titled 150 Sunsets.

Project HOPE

– Pick a single location to paint, then paint that location on the same day and time each week (possibly several times per week).
– Invite the entire community to paint along with me, interpreting the scene with their own unique vision, in a show of support and hope.
– Finished paintings displayed and installed as a large grid along with the paintings done by the community.
Installatoin by Noah Verrier
From  Laurence Gartel, a digital artist.

Digital Screen Based Public Art

We have seen the paradigm shift of our entire culture entering the Digital Age.  I see an aspect of Public Art employing more “Screen” based projects. Who knows where the future will be in terms of “substrate,” but the idea of monitor display on a surface should be  considered for a city of sustainable technology.


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