Send Us your Ideas and Locations for Public Art Projects

Sloss Design
Sloss Design

Forward to your friends!   For the April 22, 2015, Community Meeting on the AiPP Master Plan, please send us your ideas to  We will add them to the discussion list next week and post them online.

All this week new ideas will be posted with a summary distributed and chance to vote in a survey in Monday and Tuesday next week. Ideas to be posted this week:  Artist in Residence in a Neighborhood, Ann Norton Sculpture, Art on Quadrille at new downtown train station, Art in Parks, Culturally Diverse Artworks, Bi-annual “submit your idea for public art” competition, etc, etc…..

Below are the ideas already posted online.

Ideas for New Development

Sustainable / Eco Art
Parking Garage Facades
Building Entrances
Health and Exercise
Building Tops


City Park at new Major League Baseball Facility
In the Intracoastal on the Waterfront Downtown
Move the Henry Rolf Sculpture
Giant Mural on Railroad Track Parking Garage

Specific Projects

Remake Augusta Savage Sculpture “The Harp”
Troll under the Bridge
Bring Back Lost Signs from WPB Past
George Gershwin at Tri-Rail Station
Large Paintings or Murals of WPB families and groups
Purchase work by longtime WPB artists



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