Paul Manship sculptures outside the Norton Museum

Did you know that the two bronze sculptures on the eastside of the Norton Museum are re-telling a myth.   Actaeon was a mortal hunter who came upon Diana bathing one day. Enraged by this invasion of privacy, the goddess shot him with an arrow that transformed him into a stag and he was torn to pieces by his own hounds.


Diana and Hound, 1925
Diana and Hound, 1925

On the left, a naked Diana is running away and shooting an arrow at Actaeon.   On the right, Actaeon has begun to change into a deer with short horns growing from his head.

Actaeon, 1925
Actaeon, 1925

The original sculpture was made in the 1925 and copies are in the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.   In 1934, Manship made the golden Prometheus sculpture at the ice skating ring at Rockefeller Center.

Prometheus Fountain, 1934
Prometheus Fountain, 1934


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